Making your home the stand-out of your street can be a lot of fun, and it’s a great way to show your personality to everybody passing by. Follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way to creating a beautiful and exciting home that is sure to turn your neighbours heads. Stand-out home upgrades don’t have to be expensive, so we’ve included a range of upgrades that you can do right now to achieve the dream home you’ve always wanted.

A landscaped front lawn  

If you have a garden at the front of your property then this is the perfect opportunity to put your own twist on your property where all your neighbours can see. You could do this by planting colourful flowers, placing some furniture around, or even having your hedge trimmed into a quirky shape.

A colourful front door 

Your front door is one of the most stand out elements of your home and often the first thing people see, in particular if you have limited space at the front of your property. This simple upgrade can make your home look bolder and brighter, especially if you choose a colour such as yellow or green that’s really going to pop. 

A tidy property 

Sadly neighbours will notice if the exterior of your property is messy, and you might be standing out for reasons you don’t want if this happens. A quick clean of your front door, mow of your lawn, and wipe of your windows will make your home look as good as new.

Decorations on the holidays

Holiday decorations are the perfect way to stand out, especially if you collect all of your pieces over time. Whether this is Christmas lights in December or spooky decorations in October, there’s so many things you can do all year round to impress your neighbours and make your home the stand-out of your street. 

If you like the idea of standing out through a colourful door, then keep us in mind for your brand new colourful install. Our colour options are available now on our quote builder, so you can visualise how amazing your property is going to look with just this one upgrade. 

Working on a project?

We offer high quality windows and doors for your home improvement project. We can also help you with all the installation services, so that it will be done quickly without any hassle.